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Of your last photos, this group is my favourite. Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.


Sidney, is that you? I hope to see you in a close-up mode. :)


Strange and slightly extreme lengths to go to in order to get a self portrait up here Sidney ;)


i did see you in his eyes Sidney...nice. the last three shots of man with the balck cloth on really feels creepy.


Très drôle ;-) Un mélange de tradition et de thème moderne


I clicked on the photo, but didn't see your portrait. Instead, I saw your soul, Sidney... :)

Funny guy that one with Spiderman mask... :)


haha love these shots.


> my self-portrait ! ;-)

nice ..


I personally prefer this lovely angelical little girl to the diabolic penitents ... ;-)

Ashish Sidapara

Fun series, gotta love the spider man look ;-) About the sp, thanks, but you look tiny :)


Now thats scary!


something I noticed in all the photos where you can see the eyes, save one or two, is that they are blood shot, I guess they are not sleeping the night before or maybe just accumulated nights of little sleep for whatever reason, another compelling series of life that none of us who have a clue about oherwise


I like this serie better than the one of the flagellants... Really well done


a marvellous series of shots - such diversity - some made me smile so.


different masks.. different people. nice... ha... :)

and the reflection of you in the man's eye.. hehe


A Spiderman mask? That is so funny Sydney! :)


Tena koe ehoa
I think there's a common pensive look in the eyes of all of the particpants? They know what to expect but still have some uncertainty that lingers in actually knowing what to expect. I would suspect from that surmise that for some of these people if not all, it might be "a first time" thing.


So, you're seeing your own soul reflected in his eyes?


A fine series of masks. It must be quite a procedure to come up with a mask to show to your friends.
Nice shots. That self-portrait looks very good...of course I filled in the details! :-)


Hm, that self-portrait : maybe a bit bigger next time ? :-))
They prove to be very creative in making masks, still find it scary though.


fantastic portraits!

Otto K.

Interesting set. I don't understand the comical masks, though. I would expect them to be somber.


I like the first one, the face painting. It is cool!

Toxic Lens

Still no proper self portrait from you Sydney? I would have sworn that was you in the monkey mask yesterday ;)


Hehehehe...nice one with your reflection in his eyes!

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